Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome and hello!

My name is not Della, it's actually Eileen. But for the purposes of this blog, I am Della Doo. This is the way my oldest child used to say our last name. Or, at least my husband's and children's last name as I kept my maiden name. I like to think of myself as modern....even progressive in keeping my maiden name! However, in actuality I just haven't ever gotten around to doing the paperwork.

Plus side: When I'm filling out paperwork I get to skip the step where they ask for any other names/aliases. When I quickly move past that part I pat myself on the back for saving the 2.5 seconds AND the extra ink it would've taking me to print my full maiden name. Not to mention my maiden name is two letters shorter than my married name would be, so I'm saving ink there, as well. Look at me! I'm practically saving the world with my conservationalism!

Minus side: People naturally refer to me as Eileen Marriedname instead of Eileen Maidenname when they meet me with my husband. It's not the worst, but it kinda sucks when my OWN FAMILY addresses me as such. (Yeah, I'm calling you out, bro!) And it does make me reflect on the exciting Jennifer Garner-esque secret life of mystery I'm missing out on when I have to leave the "aliases" section blank. *sigh* I'm still just the same me I've always been, as far as my name is concerned.

So, anyhow, I decided that the name of my blog would be Della Doo, in honor of my mis-pronounced married name. And since I do a lot of different things all the time and will most likely be blogging about them, I added the 'Does' part. My life is not movie star exciting, but things do happen --good and bad--which I will blog about because that's my nature, to talk (or type) things through.

Hello and welcome to Della Doo Does!

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