Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I don't know what it is about Mondays. Maybe it's the shell shock of once again being the only parent at home to wrangle my three younguns after having the luxury of a two person tag team for a couple of days. Maybe it's just typical Monday blues or maybe I'm decompressing from all of the activities (read: home renovations) that we surely jammed into Saturday and Sunday, but Mondays are not typically productive for me. I find that I kind of drone through the day. Diapers barely get changed, lunches can consist of cold cereal (again) and an extra long nap time is absolutely and strictly enforced. Mondays are a down day for me....To be honest, they are not a great portrait of my mothering or housewiving abilities.

But Tuesdays!!! Now, Tuesday is a day I can get behind! Great and wondrous things happen on Tuesdays. No matter where you are, you can almost always find some place that has a $2 Tuesday deal. $2 fish tacos, $2 admission, $2 bowling, the list goes on! By Tuesday I find I have more energy and that's usually the day that I pump up the music, clean the house and actually PLAY with the kiddos. We dance and chase and play pretend to be Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach while we eat lunch. (which by Tuesday has graduated to re-heated leftovers from Monday's dinner) And all the while I'm managing to multi-task by strategically "chasing" them in the direction that I need to go to put away the folded towels that are conveniently in my arms as I take slow, long, deep lunging strides to burn extra calories. If they complain that I'm not running I tell the kids that I'm a Zombie Mommy and I groan at them loudly as I shove the towels in the linen closet. I'm a Zommy! I'm gonna eat your brains!!! Then I catch them and the tickle fests begin. WOW! Tuesdays energies are definitely better than Mondays!

Plus side: By being very active on Tuesdays, it almost seems like it should be Monday since I've all but blacked out on Mondays. By the time Friday comes I almost always have to double check that I haven't accidentally skipped a day, because I'm more often than not convinced that it should actually just be Thursday. This leads to great excitement that the weekend is upon us!

Minus side: This personal psyching out of days leads to a lot of confusion and missed appointments, meaning I have to rely more and more heavily on my SmartPhone for the smallest things to make sure they're done on time. Just because I don't actually start functioning till Tuesday doesn't mean that the rest of the world will accept that as a valid reason for missing appointments/ paying bills/ missing deadlines.

Oops. Maybe I should start trying to psyche myself into thinking that Mondays are actually Tuesdays? Maybe, but I can already see that I would get pretty P.O.-ed by Thursday, believing it to be Friday already. Hmmm.....this one is gonna be a toughie!

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